Top 5 Best BBCOR Bats for 2016

Picking best BBCOR bats could be a prime priority of any jock. BBCOR bats ar approved by NCAA and also the NFHS to be utilized in all baseball games. they’re either fabricated from wood, aluminium or composite, they need passed all the standards for a top quality bat and that they accompany a .50 BBCOR stamping. With such a lot of baseball bats within the market these days, one should place lots of effort so as to urge the most effective. the subsequent ar the ten best BBCOR bats that ar filled with the most recent options and ar designed exploitation fashionable and innovative technology.

1.   Easton MAKO XL

2016 Easton Mako XLThis is a prime rated BBCOR certified baseball equipment. it’s 2 major advantages; it’s a vast barrel and it’s light-weight that permits a player to swing it and strike terribly powerful hits on the pitch. it’s a 31/32 handle and a a pair of 5/8 in. barrel.

The barrel size and weight of this bat is well balanced providing most speed and power. Another exceptional feature of this bat is that it’s a diamond grip that enables players to handle it with a solid grip.

2.   Rawlings Velo

Rawlings VeloThis bat is right for players UN agency desires to extend their performance with a lot of power. it’s a weight of -3 and a barrel diameter of two 5/8-inch that’s slightly finish loaded to permit players swing it at the correct speed and turn out exceptionally powerful hits.

The slightly finish loaded of this bat means it’s heavier to swing compared to a lot of balanced bats however its strike power is extraordinary. A heavier barrel supply powerful hits and a bigger sweet spot. This baseball equipment is BBCOR certified therefore are often utilized in school and highschool matches.

3.   Rawlings 5150

Rawlings 5150This bat is factory-made exploitation amalgamate Carbon Structure and it uses Flex Bend technology which suggests it’s solid and it offers a soap gymnastic apparatus result allowed in BBCOR rules. it’s a barrel diameter of two 5/8-inch with reduced weight for larger fastness.

A stand out feature of city Slugger 2016 Prime 916 is that it’s a bigger sweet pot compared to most alternative bats and it produces a pop sound on the correct hits. it’s BBCOR certified therefore eligible to be used in collegial and highschool matches.

4.   Rawlings 5150 Alloy BBCOR

Rawlings 5150 Alloy BBCOR from Rawlings features a barrel diameter of two 5/8-inch and a weight of -3. it’s dead balanced with its handle so it’s not finish loaded and extremely lightweight weight for snappy swinging. Its handle features a artificial animal skin grip that makes any swinging precise.


A stand out feature of this bat is that it’s factory-made from region grade alloy that means that it will stand the tough climatic conditions and it’s best fitted to rough use.

5.   Marucci Cat 6 BBCOR Bat

This is AN all season bat with a sturdy one piece alloy construction. it’s lightweight weight with a barrel diameter of 5/8-inch. the top of the barrel is lined with the correct thickness providing most swing speed and also the sweet spot is sort of giant permitting most range of excellent hits.

A unique feature of this bat is its anti-vibration technology. it’s no sting, thus you’re certain of a sleek swing in spite of however you hit. If you’re huge on the swing speed and would love the smoothest doable batting action, then this bat is right for you. Click here for top 10 bats.